West Dunbartonshire Council Tenancy Agreement

Section 3 „Respect for Others“ of your lease reflects this definition of antisocial behavior and also includes examples of actions or behaviors that would constitute antisocial behavior and therefore a violation of your rental terms. 3. Carry out „acclimatization visits“ with new tenants in order to reinforce rental obligations. Some tenants may have a short Scottish secure rental. The main differences in rental conditions are that the board can more easily terminate the rental, as a court will not question the reason for the eviction. Category C: Other complaints / Harassment / LitigationExamples:1. Rare disturbances/Noise2. Running a business3. Verbal harassment4. Unauthorized changes5.

Visitor/child behaviour6. Basic rental conditions, e.B. harassment of pets, cleaning of stairs7. Maintenance of the garden/common areas, etc.8. Parking complaints9. Family conflicts affecting neighbours Category A: ExtremeExamples:1. Drug trafficking.2. Unins caused heavy attack.3. Hate crimes/other forms of harassment. 4. Violent behaviour towards neighbours/Council/RSL staff.5. Serious property damage, including fires, is increasing.

This category includes the types of criminal behaviour that fall entirely within the jurisdiction of the police, but certain measures may also be taken by us. We recognize that mediation is an effective means of conflict resolution. It`s a way to help people deal with differences and come to a form of agreement that everyone can live with. Mediators help people discuss the problem. It is voluntary, confidential and free of charge. We will therefore encourage the use of these services in appropriate cases and assist with any necessary referrals to West Dunbartonshire Council`s Neighbourhood Mediation Service. 5. Ensure that our allocation policy and rental procedures support/complement our objectives in combating anti-social behaviour, references written by .

B, appropriate rent/housing support services, use of suspensions, etc. Most of our tenants have a Scottish secure rental. This type of tenancy is the same as other tenants living in community or housing associations across Scotland. .