Vasa Fitness Covid Agreement

VASA is recruiting team members for new sites that will open in 2020. VASA employees work in an entertaining UPLIFTING environment and help make positive changes in members` lives every day. For more information on the possibilities, visit vaSafitness-careers. Our basketball courts, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs and kidcare services remain closed and the pools remain open to one swimmer per track. We will continue to close showers and locker rooms, but we will continue to allow the use of the toilets. Group, studio and team fitness classes continue in the premises with limited capacity and the water group courses are currently frozen. On behalf of all of us here at VASA, I would like to thank you for your diligence in respecting the precautions we have taken to protect all members of our fitness community from Covid-19. Every day we see them in clubs that wear masks, wipe equipment and are respectful of each other by social distance. We`re all together, and we couldn`t do it without you! Is it hard to train in a mask? What should I expect and have any advice? Whatever your fitness level, wearing a mask is something that can cause faster fatigue than if you didn`t wear one at all. However, contrary to popular belief, you were actually ingesting the same amount of oxygen as you would be without a mask, you are just working a little harder than normal. You will also feel warmer faster, if you are sure to moisturize the fluids lost due to the increase in the perceived rate of stress and sweat. Different masks allow more or less airflow, so we advise you to try several and see which one works best for you and your workout. Over time, your body will adapt and could actually become more effective in oxygen metabolism.

Click HERE for information on wearing masks in the gym. „We opened with Phase 1, which was open only to cardio, functional space, weight machines and free weights – that is, only a kind of open floor area of our gym,“ she said. „We moved to Utah in phase two, where we opened our group fitness classes, but only with a capacity of 50% and we`re still at that point.“ Almost all of our clubs have reopened! As part of our reopening procedures, we invite all members to review and accept an agreement to keep VASA in a safe environment. Please check and sign the agreement below for the fastest way to get back to your workout.