Subscription To An Agreement

2.1 Connection management. Access and use of the Services are limited to the specified number of individual agents authorized on your subscription for the service concerned. You accept and recognize that an agent connection cannot be shared or used by more than one (1) person. However, officer statements can be attributed to new people who replace old ones who no longer need to use the services continuously. You and your agents are responsible for the confidentiality of all agent login information on your behalf. In the absence of a written license from Zendesk that expressly states otherwise, you agree and recognize that you should not use the services, including the API, to circumvent the requirement for an individual agent request for each person who (a) uses the services to interact with end-users; (b) processes data related to interactions with end-users; or (c) processes interaction data from a non-Zendesk service that provides functions similar to those provided by the Services and which, in accordance with this agreement, require a custom agent statement when the services are used for such interaction. In addition, the subscriber should not use the API or software to circumvent the service or agent license restrictions that are imposed in the service`s user interface. If Zendesk finds that your use of a Zendesk service does not comply with this contract or the features and restrictions of service plan on our site, Zendesk reserves the right to charge you a fee and you agree to pay for this use in addition to other remedies available to us. 11.4 Expenses in arre with them. The termination does not exempt the Customer from paying the costs incurred or to pay to Ping Identity before the effective date of the termination. In the event of termination for customer reasons, Ping Identity reimburses the customer for all unused, prepaid fees, covering the remainder of the subscription term after the termination date. If this contract is terminated by Ping Identity for any reason, the customer remains responsible for all payments set on the pending order forms, whether these amounts were billed or payable at the time of termination. 13.1 Each party assures and guarantees to the other party that (a) this agreement has been duly implemented and fulfilled and constitutes a valid and binding agreement which is applicable against that party in accordance with the conditions set by it; (b) no authorization or authorization by third parties is required for the performance, supply or performance of this contract by third parties; and (c) the performance, supply and execution of the contract are not contrary to the terms of another agreement to which it is a party or to which it is bound by other means.

The subscription agreement describes the rights and obligations associated with the purchase of shares. 3.1 Duration. If your account and service subscription are not terminated under the terms of this contract or are not otherwise provided in an order form (a) your subscription to a service (including all connected services provided) is extended for a subscription period corresponding to the duration of the subscription that expires and (b) the subscription fee applicable to your subsequent subscription are our standard subscriptions for the service plan and services provided. at the start of this subsequent subscription period.