Skyway Clac Agreement

The new contract offers employees a 1.2% pay increase while keeping their health care and benefits plan paid in full by the employer. The agreement also maintains the current level of employer contributions to the Group`s pension plan and RER and includes an increase in bereavement wages. George Emery Local #222 Commercial Director / Financial Secretary Unions don`t work on autopilot. They must be led by active members. No leader or employee can accomplish much without members who are united and willing to do anything to achieve their goals. Our Union has demonstrated the power of collective action. As you have seen, when workers join forces, they gain influence to receive better wages and benefits, secure jobs, world-class education and better working conditions. We cannot make any of these profits on our own. Working with locals to strengthen our industries. We need your input to find solutions to the challenges of the future. Local 222 is committed to providing unparalleled value to entrepreneurs and homeowners and proving that partnering with our union is the best investment they will ever make.

For the past 40 years, fire safety in the industry has been provided by union members who have held safe and well-paid positions throughout our territory. On behalf of our members, the Union has negotiated hard-won concessions from contractors to improve the lives of its members. These include above-average wages, a respectable pension, and a good and fair health and social program. For many years, the place increased its membership as the demand for work increased. Unfortunately, this growth model has changed. Demand for labour has reached an all-time low and we are going through difficult times. In addition, new profiteers (non-unionized entrepreneurs) have entered our markets and want to take advantage of the work that has been done mainly by our union and our union members. It is important to remember that non-unionized shooters and CLAC shooters would not have market share if our members refused to work for them. It`s as simple as that. Sharing your experience gained from unionized jobs with loyal union contacts and then joining the non-union does a great disservice to the union and all its members. These are individuals and organizations who have chosen to reject union certification and have even conspired to join the company and create a fire protection branch of the CLAC. These measures contribute directly to non-unionized competition in our markets.

Make no mistake, these advances will have a lasting impact on your salary, pension, health and well-being. Workers are represented by the construction workers` union CLAC, Local 63. The union has been representing workers since 2003. Over the next few years, there will be only a limited number of new fire protection works in the field of industrial fire insulation technology. This means less work for everyone. The situation becomes even more complex when our own members do not unionize and allow the CLAC to gain a foothold in our jurisdiction. It simply means less work for our members at lower prices! With the increase in the number of new non-unionized entrepreneurs who demand limited work, wages are reduced as competition for that work increases. In this context, loyal union contractors will be forced to make lower bids. “); WinPrint.document.close(); WinPrint.focus(); setTimeout(function() { WinPrint.print(); }, 500); return false; }); }); eds2_2(function ($) { if (typeof edn_fluidvids != `undefined`) edn_fluidvids.init({ selector: [`.edn_fluidVideo iframe`], players: [``, ``] }); }); /*]]>*/ Bad work decisions have a consequence that affects more than you. The effects of turning our backs on the Union are felt throughout the organisation and affect much more than oneself. As a member of a trade union, you have an obligation to respect our Constitution and Rules of Procedure at the local and international level. Note that all members who support, promote or sponsor the dual labour movement or conspire to recruit non-unionized contractors working in our jurisdiction will be charged accordingly.

As a member of a union, you cannot work for a signatory contact employee without being assigned through the local. Our local is a hiring of one or eight names. This means that the local can send one for every eight members requested by a contact person. Just because a contractor called you personally doesn`t mean we didn`t send you. In addition, the contact person has received your contact information from the list of unemployed locals that is available to them. The restaurant is where members connect with the union – here you can ask for help and where you can meet and contact to discuss concerns and issues in the workplace. We encourage all members to contact locals before making decisions that could negatively impact compliance with our bylaws and bylaws. If you see or hear activities that undermine the Union, let us know. The approximately 100 union members employed by Skyway work as builders of scaffolding and insulation. The company provides scaffolding, insulation, rocking platform and shoring, engineering, design, assembly and dismantling services. Recent projects include work in Grande Prairie, Whitecourt, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and Foster Creek.