Service Level Agreement Hrvatski

All distorted texts, videos, programs and voice recordings or illegal documents cannot be shared and/or transmitted by, and is strictly forbidden to stage or perform an illegal event or to carry out an activity or to advertise these acts with and, it is essential that the original content sent by users to forums, chat and other interactive domains be and The content transmitted does not stand in the way of national or international copyright and trademark laws (including local and state). and may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. TRT is not authorized to exploit or monitor the information, products and services provided and does not explicitly or indirectly guarantee the content and use of the content of these pages. TRT deletes all accounts of a user who finds that they have more than one account to disrupt other users or to spoil the general order of the forums. Users must enter a valid email address that they regularly record. TRT deletes all registration with temporary or third-party email addresses without notice. If it turns out that the address is not valid, TRT asks for the email address to be renewed. TRT reserves the right to delete any user account if it discovers that the user has access via proxy IP accounts to hide with multiple TRT accounts, or if the user abuses one of the TRT services.

TRT operates and and provides all or part of TRT`s content itself and other sources. The contents of the and as well as all names, images and logos relating to TRT and third-party products and services are subject to national and international copyright and trademark laws. You cannot edit, copy, duplicate, publish, publish, transfer, transfer or download content, including codes and software from the aforementioned portals. They agree to use the content only for personal and non-commercial purposes, provided that copyright and property rights are reserved. All articles mentioned in the article should not be construed as allowing the illegal use of and content. You cannot print, publish or rewrite content and directly or indirectly. In the event of a conflict between these conditions and certain conditions in the contracts between TRT and its partners for the broadcasting of radio and television programmes and other broadcasting materials, contractual conditions are given priority.