Florida Physician Assistant Collaborative Agreement

A field of practice of PAs is determined by the Order of State Physicians and not by the assistant physician. Applicants who have not completed the NCCPA Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) in five (5) trials and who have not practiced as a full-licensed medical assistant must complete at least three (3) months as part of a full-time examination course in an accredited medical assistance program approved by the Chair of the Medical Assistance Committee. This completion is documented by a letter signed by the program manager indicating that the candidate has completed the course satisfactorily. Florida law requires medical assistants (PAs) to be required to notify the board in writing within 30 days of the employment or subsequent modification of the attending physician. This means that a PA starts a job that terminates the job and when there are changes in the supervisory physician (add or remove one). PAs may be disciplined if they do not comply with this legal obligation. The extent of the determination of the practice relates to the question of whether the extent of a physician`s practice is determined at the level of the office between the medical assistant and the cooperating physician. In some countries, the order of doctors or national law determines the scope of the practice of a medical assistant. The standard-setting authority refers to the question of whether a doctor can prescribe drugs. Some states do not allow physicians to prescribe certain controlled substances. The law defines the exact means of responsible surveillance.

Direct monitoring is not necessary, but the treating physician must be readily available or physically present for consultation. Fla. administrator. Rules 64B8-30.001 (3), Fla. Stat. 459.022 (f) Monitoring requirements focus on the need for a written cooperation agreement with a physician capable of sketching out the procedures a medical assistant can perform. State policy determines whether the supervisory relationship between the medical assistant and the physician is determined at the firm level (in the medical office where the medical assistant will practice) or by the National Council of Physicians or in national law.