Fannie Mae Custodial Agreement

Currently, Fannie Mae does not require sellers/service providers to perform conservatory custody if they use Fannie Mae as a document manager. However, since conservation is now done with a third party, Fannie Mae will require sellers/portfolio providers to complete a destination guarantee master guard contract (form 2010). The 2010 form includes certification and retention for both portfolio mortgages and MBS pool mortgages. Any custody contract must be proven by the execution of a Master Custodial Agreement (form 2017). The 2017 form includes loan filing terms for both full loans and MBS loans. The seller/service provider sends the completed form in 2017 to the custodian of documents for execution. After receipt, the document administrator will send the ancillary documents to the seller/service for finalization. Once the documentation and onboarding is complete, Fannie Mae and the document manager complete the 2017 form. A copy of the fully executed 2017 form is returned to the Seller/Servicer for its registrations. If the seller/service provider has questions on the 2010 form or did not receive the transition package before January 12, 2009, he must contact Fannie Mae by email: 0]] >]] >The email address is protected from spammers. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it. ]] > to receive the required documents. The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.

New Credit Certification 5730 Katella Ave Cypress, CA 90630 The seller/provider is informed of documents or data defects via the BNYM web portal. (A request for permission to access the document manager`s web portal is included in the transition package.) The seller/supplier should work directly with BNYM to resolve document issues. Fannie Mae BNYM C-C Transition 13150 Worldgate Drive Herndon, VA 20170 The vendor/service provider will continue to provide Fannie Mae with data for portfolio mortgages via Loan Delivery to regularly depreciate loans. The seller must use a „purchase document“ code of 4 instead of 1. The Purchase Code field is located in file format 2000 at position 361. With a purchase code of 4, certification data can be transmitted correctly to BNYM. If you do not specify the correct code, this may delay the certification and/or purchase of the portfolio mortgage. Certain Documents relating to Fannie Mae loans must be retained by a document administrator approved by Fannie Mae. The document administrator acts on behalf of the seller/service provider and is flagny mae to certify credit documents and data at the time of Fannie Mae`s acquisition. The roles and responsibilities of the Document Administrator are described in the DRC Guide (Fannie Mae Requirements for Document Custodians Guide). The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.

New Accord 2220 Chemsearch Blvd, Suite 150 Irving, Texas 75062 a quarterly audit of the financial rating of the document manager (or the ratings of its parent company or subsidiary, if the custodian is not a regulated institution). New Custodian Document designated for the certification and retention of portfolio mortgages For mbs pool mortgage deliveries, Fannie Mae currently requires that mortgage documents be certified and retained, either DDF or a document manager that meets the eligibility criteria set out in sales and maintenance manuals. All current DDF customers for MBS transactions may use the designated document custodian to provide mortgage documents for MBS pool deliveries or choose another document custodian that meets the licensing and operating requirements outlined in the guides, as amended by The 08-32 Document Certification and Custody Eligibility Changes announcement. . Selection of a Custodian Other Than BNYM Document For MBS Deliveries After May 11, 2009, all new sellers/providers who deliver portfolio mortgages to Fannie Mae and use BNYM`s services must complete the 2010 form and send it directly to BNYM to execute at the following address: The Seller/Servicer must add the document manager to its profile in the credit delivery application.