European Ipr Helpdesk Non Disclosure Agreement

The exchange of valuable information with other partners is usually a necessity that is regularly done through collaborative or corporate initiatives. Confidentiality issues and measures to exchange information securely, facilitate the development of the project and ensure the non-disclosure of sensitive technologies, confidential business or business information should therefore be taken into account. Therefore, signing a confidentiality agreement or confidentiality agreement (NDA) at the proposal stage, or even before the proposal phase, the inclusion of confidentiality clauses in the consortium agreement and compliance with confidentiality obligations throughout the duration of the project and subsequently, among other things, are very important steps to keep confidential information secret in order to gain a competitive advantage. That`s why, in order to help you develop your own privacy agreement, the European IPR Helpdesk has developed several models that can also be used under the Seventh Framework Programme (7th PCRD). Below is a list of all the new models: We are pleased to inform you that IPR Helpdesk has updated its non-discloser agreements (NDAs), which can now be used for EU-funded projects and for international partnerships, regardless of the type of negotiations you enter. You will find all these models in the online library of the European IPR Helpdesk under useful documents. In addition, a Memorandum of Understanding has been established for Horizon 2020. In addition to the document already available for THE 7th PC, the few changes made by the new Horizon 2020 rules are reflected.