Dorm Roommate Agreement Ideas

3) Respect for your roommate: It is best to avoid distractions in the room again that could disrupt school work with your roommates (i.e. loud music, television, friends, etc.). Opt for a general „rest“ schedule for the week, so that you and your roommate are able to prioritize your studies. Trying to live with someone you`ve never met before can be scary. You want to be cool, maybe even become friends, but you don`t want to get your head around when your roommate`s having a lot more parties than you are. But like so many things at university, it is important to maintain a balance: family and friends, school work and their social life, have fun and not have too much fun. (How, always in a joke stop.) Each situation for a roommate agreement is a little different depending on your lifestyle. For example, if you smoke, you want to add a clause stating that you agree to smoke only outdoors. Or when you`re in college, you can add a clause to have time off for things like studying. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about roommate agreements, be sure to check out my other Roommate Living article. If you like a sink that is free of dirty pots, pans and dishes. Agree with your roommate that dishes should be washed immediately or quickly loaded into the dishwasher.

Also take my advice from the point of view that I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice! Just a few ideas from my own roommate experiences. (Look at my free roommate agreement template basically, copy and paste into each text editor and change according to your specific needs, no email required!) Even though it`s probably illegal for you to drink, I take it into things you talk about with your roommate, because, let`s be honest, you`re both adults and drinking happens in college. And while you can`t control each other`s lives, you have the right not to be put in situations that make you uncomfortable, especially where you live. So you have an open discussion about your feelings and expectations about the drink. What is more important than legally binding is what the treaty stands for: physical documentation to ensure mutual respect. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that the roommate/agreement contract is clear, with no room for error. This will help you avoid vague interpretations and confusing vocabulary conclusions.