Contractor Qualifying Agreement

Our subcontractor lawyers in St. Petersburg would also like to point out that if a qualified agent resigns from his position or is terminated by his employer, the company may no longer be able to enter into contracts until a new qualified agent has been approved by the CILB. Commercial organisations with more than one qualified agent may, by means of a common agreement, designate a single primary qualification agent for the commercial organisation. § 489.1195 (2) (a). The agreement must be executed by all qualified representatives of the company organization and approved by the „CILB“. The qualifying agent, designated by a common agreement for a commercial organization, is the only primary qualification agent for the business organization, and all other qualified agents for the business organization are secondary qualification agents. § 489.1195 (2) (c). If, as a result of this analysis, a licensed person does not actually obtain the authorization of a particular project and does not properly control the work, the contractor does not have a qualified representative and is therefore not authorized. As a result, the Court of Justice held that Taylor Morrison Services` general contractor was not authorized and ruled on three damages and attorneys` fees, pursuant to section 768.0425. If you are a licensed holder who does not use your license or retires, but still needs some income, you can become a qualified person for another person`s business. A subsequent case, Scherer v. Villas Del Verde Homeowners` Association, Inc., 55 So.3d 602 (Fla.