Commercial Waste Agreement Ealing

All companies are subject to a legal obligation of vigilance for the disposal of industrial waste. Please read the due diligence page to see what this means and how it affects your business. We can offer regular collections, whether it`s a big mixed load to search or just a small trash can. In any case, we can sort your commercial waste into recyclable and non-recyclable quantities to save you time, costs and cash. From the hustle and bustle of Broadway to the gorgeous flavors of Southall Market, Ealing is one of West London`s most popular suburbs. It`s no surprise that the neighborhood has more than 300,000 residents: with popular green spaces and no waste like Ealing Common, the natural environment of this area makes it a great place for families to live and work. Councillor Mik Sabiers, Member of Ealing`s Environment and Motorways Cabinet, commented on the new contract announced this morning (15 June): „Ealing currently recycles more than 50% of household waste, which is one of the best records in London. I am proud of our achievements and thank residents for their continued efforts to create an even more sustainable and environmentally friendly neighbourhood. Ealing Council is an approved waste management organisation. We can remove the responsibility for disposing of your waste from your hands, so let`s take care of your business waste management by properly picking up and dumping your waste.

Whether they belong to high-frequency categories such as mixed dry recycling, general waste and food, or like old electronic parts, we have a wide range of more than 20 recycling services ready to recover them. The contact that took place on the 6th It was agreed with the West London Waste Authority (WLWA) on behalf of the London Borough of Ealing and provides for up to 24,000 tonnes of waste per year. We all need to play our part to keep Ealing beautiful, and the borough is already at the forefront. Last year, we learned that between June and August, more than 50% of all waste in the borough was recycled, and Business Waste is proud to help Ealing build on this record. Thanks to our expertise in streamlining disposal processes, we can dispose of your commercial waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. When it comes to the collection of general waste, our team of specialists visits your company to carry out a thorough assessment and help you meet your obligations under the Environmental Protection Act. Once we have established a waste management plan with you, we set up the collections with the utmost care and efficiency. We can bypass your schedule and ensure that we will never object to the day-to-day operation of your business. The excellent service to Ealing, like the proximity to North Circular Road, means we can easily access it. Every Business Waste customer receives a free trash can, which is delivered free of charge, and we can also equip your business with other items such as compressors, containers, and roll-off bins. The devices we provide are always hygienic and we offer our customers access to a personalized online tracking system that allows you to keep accurate records of your waste consumption.

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