Collaboration Agreement Stamp Duty

The consideration for the sale would be the value of the stamp duty on your part in the property during the year of completion, which will be added by the cash received this year. Ques: What is a real estate cooperation agreement? Ques: On what date is the value of stamp duty taken into account for the calculation of the total value (GCF)? Ques: Is there another important change regarding the taxation of cooperation agreements? 2.At date of the actual sale by you, the capital gain would be a counter-performance of sale less the stamp duty previously taken into account at the time of the certificate of completion. This is a great relief for landowners, who are now only liable for capital gains if the owner has completed the construction and obtains the certificate of completion. Previously, landowners were required to pay capital gains tax as soon as they had entered into a cooperation agreement. The land right sold by the owner is a capital asset under the Income Tax Act 1961 and derives capital gains from its sale in accordance with a cooperation agreement. However, if you concluded the contract on 01/04/2017, the capital gain will apply after the completion of the construction and obtaining the certificate of completion. If the owner of the property sells the part of the property that he acquired under the cooperation contract within three years of the acquisition, the exemption taken by the owner in respect of the construction of real estate is withdrawn in the year of the sale of his share and the income is treated as a short-term capital gain in the year of sale. Years: For the calculation of the GCF, the value of the stamp duty is taken into account on the day on which the graduation certificate is drawn up.