Booth Rental Agreement Antique Store

The outstanding rent must be fully paid for their billing cycle up to the specified payment date, or a fine of $25.00 is added to the amount currently due and all current sales in the cabin provided for this purpose will be filled to pay the outstanding and outstanding rent. The $25.00 fine is delegated to store ownership every 10 days after the „Pay By“ date and at the end of 30 days of non-payment, the seller`s booth and all content can be sold or auctioned at his discretion, all profits go to Store to cover outstanding debts until the conclusion of the lease agreement. Individual dealer stands can be rented at a rental price of $1.00 per square metre per month. In fact, a 100-square-metre cabin rents for $100.00 a month, and so on. The stands are available in different sizes, but usually the stands are 80, 160, 240 or 320 square meters. Larger and custom sizes will also be available. Booth Vendor Duty Days and Work Schedule – In order for us to maintain our competitive rental fees, suppliers must work on the mall. It is a simple fact; Suppliers who „work“ tend to sell more items! Each stall salesman must work the mall two days a month for 100 sqm (3 days for 200 sqm and 4 days for a maximum of 300 sqm). Registration for workdays is allowed up to a quarter (3 months) on a First Come First Serve basis. Holly Antiques must be notified 24 hours in advance if the seller is not available to work on a specific day to which a subcontractor is engaged. For sellers who cannot work or who decide not to work their days of service, Holly Antiques makes someone available to cover your position for a fee of $35 per day.

These workdays are in addition to regular visits to refresh, dust and fill your booth. On business days, suppliers are responsible for welcoming and supporting customers, working „in the field,“ answering questions and, if necessary, assisting Holly Antique staff. No contract is required for cabin rental, just a simple monthly rent. If your merchandise is in the room on the first floor, you`ll be forced this month. That`s all. The seller may specify a flexible discount that will only be used for internal negotiations, in order to reduce calls to the creditor and facilitate the sale of products from this level. The request for additional rebates/discounts is forwarded to the creditor for verification and response. If the contact is not available, only a flexible discount is applied.