Autor Agreement

Discussion of unpublished work: manuscripts are sent for verification provided that all unpublished data cited inside are properly credited and that the corresponding authorization has been obtained. When licensed data is cited, authors must provide written assurance when submitting that they comply with the authors` data licensing agreements. We are aware that some authors may be bound by confidentiality agreements. In such cases, the editorial team will continue to investigate and may, at its sole discretion, ask the authors to state in the online version instead of the distrusted disclosure: „The authors declare that they are bound by confidentiality agreements that prevent them from disclosing their financial interests in this book.“ If you want this to be as simple as possible, write to your publisher and ask yourself if you can have a copyright agreement that „non-exclusive rights“ will be granted to the publisher in order to retain the exclusive rights. A typical phrase of such an author`s agreement might be: „The author grants [the publisher] a free and non-exclusive right to publish and despise articles in all media.“ As a general rule, these agreements define ways to credit the publisher which, in accordance with the first publication, must be made available to the publisher at each future publication or change. Here is an example of an agreement in which the above issue has been successful: with a few exceptions (see Carleton`s Copyright Directive), you own the rights to your copyrighted work until you sign a contract stating something else. For scientists, this is usually the case when a publishing house accepts a work to be published and sends the scholar an author`s agreement. IF cannot be changed between acceptance and publication, unless a change made by the journal for technical reasons to the publication of the material on the website has caused a significant error. All digitized images submitted during the final revision of the manuscript must, as far as possible, be 300 IPR. If a part of an article that an author wishes to submit to scientific reports has been published or published elsewhere, the author must indicate the information contained in the cover letter.

Scientific reporting is possible if the main outcome, conclusion or impact of other work is not visible. The data supporting the results of this study are available through [THIRD PARTY NAME] but restrictions apply to the availability of this data, which were used under license for the current study and are therefore not publicly available. However, the data is available by the authors on request and with the permission of [THIRD PARTY NAME]. The publication in Scientific Reports is subject to the obligation for authors to immediately make the associated documents, data and protocols available to others without preconditions. The interests of financial competition are all as follows: positive and negative controls as well as molecular size markers should be included on each gel or stain, either in the main number or in a larger number of data. A citation should be provided for previously characterized antibodies.