Agreement Parenting Plan Examples

The plan begins with the signing of this agreement (or the separation of the parents). The best interests of the child must be taken into account at all times as a factor in the exercise of the entire duration of the education. In this context, it is in the interest of the child to participate in extracurricular, social and recreational activities, such as.B athletics, associations, academic, musical and social activities, and this is duly taken into account. If you track your visit time, you know how well the schedule is working and being respected. If there are frequent problems, you may need to change the schedule. And if the actual parental leave is very different from the planned period, your help for the child could change. Although an activity of the child may take place during a period outside the normally provided parental leave of a parent, the parent who does not have the child with him at that time is not prevented from participating in such an activity. When the child participates in an extracurricular activity and the time, place and nature of the activity changes at the last minute, the responsible parent must immediately inform the other parent of the restructuring of his or her debt and information. A. Holidays/Special days/School holidays are mutually agreed by the parents.

4 – Visiting hours are graduated (increasing time with dad as the children get older). After 2 years, the example of parental orders includes 2 nights per two weeks. The parents agree that in the event of any discrepancies resulting from this agreement, they will first endeavour to resolve these concerns by mutual agreement.