Agreement Islamqa

2. The product must be described in detail by indicating the name, type, color, country of manufacture, size of the packaging, quantity in each package and other important characteristics affecting the price, so that there is no dispute between the seller and the buyer later, when the product is delivered. Non-important details that do not concern the buyer or that do not affect the price should not be mentioned and there is no need to enter into an agreement on this. Wāṣil b. ʿAcgāʾ (700-748 AD, according to numerous reports a founder of the Mutazilite school of thought), felt that this was proof of the correctness of a report if he had four independent channels. His assumption was that there could be no agreement between all the channels on the production of a report. Wāil`s acceptance of Tawātur seems to have been inspired by the legal idea of witnesses as evidence that an event did take place. Therefore, the existence of a number of witnesses ruled out the possibility that they could agree on a lie, unlike the only report that was attested by only one person, his name signing the „report of a person“ (khabar al-wāḥid). Abū l-Hudhayl al-ʿAllāf (227/841) continued this verification of the reports by tawātur, but proposed that the number of witnesses necessary for the veracity be twenty, with the additional requirement that at least one of the chains be a creditor. [151] This is an agreement that gives (but does not require) the holder to purchase a specific share or other financial certificate at a specified price within a specified period of time, usually ninety days.

The price agreed between the two parties is the exercise price. Umar ibn al-Khattaab (may Allah be pleased with him) told the one he governed that he had an obligation to fulfill what his wife had set when the man said, „Let us go divorce in this case,“ Umar said: „It is indispensable to fulfill the conditions because of the hadith: „Believers are bound by their conditions.“ Al-`Allaamah Ibn al-Qayyim said: It is obligatory to fulfill these conditions that most deserve to be fulfilled. This is what sharee`ah, reason and sound analysis imply if the woman had not agreed to become a man`s wife, except under these conditions, and if it was not obligatory to respect her, then the marriage contract would not be based on mutual agreement, and this would make her obligatory something that Allah and His Messenger did not make compulsory. End of quote. Decision to sign agreements for the use of software and websites referring to man-made courts in the event of a dispute This is an agreement that gives the buyer of this option – who owns the financial certificates – the right to sell a certain number of shares or other financial certificates at a certain price within a certain period of time. but it doesn`t have to sell, so it`s optional….